The Weekend Files: 07.08.2022


You gassed her up and you’re behind the wheel
With your arm around your sweet one in your Oldsmobile
Barrellin’ down the boulevard

You’re lookin’ for the heart of Saturday night

TOM WAITS: (Looking for) The Heart of Saturday Night
From the album The Heart of Saturday Night
U.S. Release: October 1974

A big, Friday Hello to all! Welcome to the Weekend Wrap-Up!

Thanks to all for your very kind and thoughtful emails and comments this week, as I continue to work through my recent challenges. Ever a believer in positive messaging, I’ve had this… and this… and this… on a non-stop loop. In my mind, that is.

Hmm. Hol’ up a sec:

Five links in three sentences….?

Comedian Dennis Miller once famously intoned, “Stop me before I sub-reference again!” And he may have been onto something. Which reminds me:

I have great fun concocting the images, and researching and sneaking in the Easter Eggs in our Contributing Author’s articles. This week, there was a particular link, and a certain silliness within a particular graphic that…. um, what’s the word… they perhaps didn’t quite land… missed the mark… oh, what’s that called…


For the second consecutive week, it would appear that Goodboy could be correct.

But I won’t quite give up yet. Here’s a little challenge: can anyone ID the two {alleged} jokes in question? They appeared in two separate articles during the week. The first one was a link that implied that it might lead to something risqué. The second was some digital manipulation within a graphic.

It’s a virtual scavenger hunt. And, c’mon, of course there’s a prize.

I’ll send a very modest somethin’ to the first two good citizens (read: “registered users”) who can spot the two gags.

Good luck. For the runners-up, we’ll send you home with the home version of our game. Just as soon as we create a home version of our game.

And now, here’s our weekly recap of recent cool stuff that you may have missed…

This Past Week’s New Articles

Contributing Author Ozmoe’s delightful Fifth (On The Fourth!) installment of his cool series was Up Front in his Monday slot. Never has a bygone bicentennial been celebrated with such style…

Those afflicted with the heartbreak of G.A.S. found themselves positively salivating at the latest from Contributing Author Bill Bois

Tuesday brought us a terrific Debut Article from our newest Contributing Author and old friend Shadowboxer122

JJ Live From Leeds kindly stopped by mid-week to spread the word about a great Fab Four-Cenrtic podcast…

Countdowner came around to visit with a new flash poll

Phylum Of Alexandria made our Thursday a lot more interesting with some celestial points to ponder

Friday at always brings us another fun episode of Theoretically Speaking from friend Bill Bois

And we wrapped up our regular week with a great new article from Contributing Author Both Grouse, who graced us with an inspired choice for his What Makes For The Perfect Song? entry.

And stayed tuned – later today, we’ve got one more new article… for all of you fans of “current events…”

Thank you so much for your support and kind comments about the site. I’m impossibly lucky to be able to hang with all of you. Have a great weekend, please be careful, take good care of yourselves and each other…

…and good on you all.

– mt58


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Your grateful host. Good on you all.

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Famed Member
July 8, 2022 9:35 pm

Is it the IRS cassette? Is A Perfect Song a reference to R.E.M.’s “Perfect Circle” from Murmur?

Famed Member
July 8, 2022 10:07 pm

Not sure about the second gag, but pretty sure the first one is the “link” to the porn star V-dog referenced in his photo essay.

JJ Live At Leeds
Famed Member
July 9, 2022 3:58 am

Well, quite the week. There was my daughters School BBQ, Rafa withdrawing from the Wimbledon semi final, England completing a record run chase in the cricket, we rescued a dehydrated hedgehog, found a spider in our bed. Oh, and we mislaid a Prime Minister. You can read about that somewhere in an article not a million miles away.

I know what the other gag is but I can’t reveal it as I received a very big clue to it earlier so I won’t be spoiling it. All I can say is you need a real attention to detail to spot it. It is quite brilliant though and I am forever in awe of mt’s talents.

Famed Member
July 9, 2022 1:46 pm

+1 for “…we rescued a dehydrated hedgehog.”

Noble Member
July 9, 2022 10:42 am

Guessing on the graphic here…but those two ducks standing on that outcropping in Phylum’s article look suspicious to me…So yeah, that’s my best stab at it.

Noble Member
July 9, 2022 3:12 pm
Reply to  mt58

Eh, worth a try! I had another guess too but figured everyone should get a turn.

Phylum of Alexandria
Famed Member
July 9, 2022 11:34 am
Reply to  shadowboxer122

Did someone say Duck Stab??

Trusted Member
July 9, 2022 3:58 pm

Is it in the Beatles podcast article? On the Abbey Road picture the license plate on the VW Bug reads JJ Lives.

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